How to Build a Farm

One of the things we hope to accomplish through our experience of taking 42 acres of raw land into somewhere we can live and our community can enjoy, is to explain the process to others. We’ve already met people who are not only intrigued by our plans, but who’ve found hope and inspiration in them.

We’re chronicling our journey here and on our social media pages, including the successes and missteps in hopes of helping others who want to create a beautiful and sustainable space in their own communities.

Here you’ll find a series of posts focusing on the actual process of building a farm. As we build, this list we’ll get longer:

Start Here:

(1) Four Considerations When Purchasing Land

(2) The Land Loan Process

(3) Creating Goals & Vision for Your Farm

(4) How we Plan to be Eco-Friendly

(5) Learning from Your Mistakes on the Farm