Our Story

We’re the Claytons’ and we bought a farm. Okay, more like raw land, but a farm is the vision. Right now, it’s 42 acres of wetlands, fields and trees with lots of potential. And this is just the beginning of our story.

We’re taking this raw land to a full fledged farm, called Acadie Farm. Join us as we literally build from the ground up, focusing on our local community and sustainability as we go.

We’re sharing each step we take to shape the land into our final vision, on our website and on our social media pages.

There’s already been plenty of ups and downs, and we plan to share it all, from the right steps to the mistakes we’ve learned from in hopes of helping those with the same goals.

Want to know more about our goals and vision for the property? Click here.

Want to know how we purchased our land? Click here.

Want to know where we came up with the farm name? Click here.

Our farm is located in the sweet little town of Hahira, Georgia. We’re 7 miles North of the much larger town of Valdosta, Georgia and 20 miles from the Florida border. Hahira is home to the Honey Bee Festival held every year the first weekend in October, and it’s a great community to live and work.